Ivan Svetlik

Ivan Svetlik, born 1950, is Rector and professor of Human Resources and Social Policy at Ljubljana University, Slovenia. He was vice rector of the University of Ljubljana (2005-2008), minister of labour, family and social affairs of Slovenia (2008-2012) and was a member

Ivana Milas Klarić

Ivana Milas Klarić, Ph. D., Croatian Ombudswoman for Children, teaches Family Law at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb where she is employed as an assistant professor. Her specific areas of interest are: custody, autonomy of will and medical law, especially from

Darja Zaviršek

Prof. Darja Zaviršek, PhD. is sociologist, professor and chair of the „Department of Social Justice and Inclusion – Disability studies, gender and ethnicity“ at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Work and the honorable professor at the Alice Salomon University of

Nino Žganec

Nino Žganec, Ph.D. is from Croatia where he finished social work study and obtained his PhD. Since 1991 he works at the faculty of social work and currently is associate professor and head of the Social Work Department at Faculty of Law, University